Advanced Analytics

Usage of Machine Learning to transform the enterprise data assets into business value, implementing game-changing machine learning products or leveraging AI to access greater operational efficiencies

Finance and Industrial Model Development

We develop deductive stochastic models to calculate prices of complex financial instruments. We model complex industrial and real-world processes and systems to provide optimal control and maximize revenue.

Featured Examples

Finance: Pricing Library. We’ve implemented flexible components model allowing to compose and compute bespoke pricing setup on-fly using Excel, VBA, MatLab and related interfaces.

Transport: Tramp ship scheduling. We developed mathematical model of tramp shipping process for short sea transportation company.

Finance: Data-driven hedging. We researched and implemented inductive approach for synthetic portfolio composition driven by machine learning network-based algorithms.

Finance Model Validation and Control

We develop, deploy and support automated systems of monitoring of financial pricing and risk models monitoring system.

Featured Examples

We implemented data manipulation framework that allows to handle variable-size data to create and run custom risk models implemented visually

Advanced Data Analysis & Modelling

Combine heterogeneous models covering both structured (data samples, relational data, multidimension time series) and unstructured data (text, audio, images) to provide comprehensive knowledge extraction. Calculate meta-features of target data to predict models’ accuracy and adequacy before the actual model run, advise on optimal algorithms parameters on basis of meta-knowledge base.

Featured Examples

We implemented meta-learning framework to analyze multi-dimensional time series in a real time performing gaps filling, outlier detection and short-term forecasting. Meta-knowledge base is automatically growing during system’s operation and it allows to proactively select proper algorithm and its parameters.

Data-driven Business

Bespoke data investigation to detect and research potentially valuable knowledge sources. Data auditing (quality, presence, security, policies)Data strategy planning (what you have and what you have missing).

Featured Examples

APAC Investment Bank. Modelling of transactions data revealed traders-clients patterns and their evolution affected by global and regional market development and movements. Architecture of data extraction and processing system was designed and implemented

EMEA Commercial Bank. Research for deep news analysis enriched with named entity recognition and semantics analysis proved possibility to track negative and positive news on companies’ ratings and stability.

Data Management

Ontology development to bring semantics and reasoning into raw data. On-fly data enrichment based on formal reasoning on top of detailed domain ontologies.

Featured Examples

Regional Investment bank Intelligence. Automated open sources (public annual reports, news flows etc.) survey and analysis to extract competitors’ information.

US Private Bank. Social networks (Twitter) monitoring, sentiment analysis, trending topics detection.