Digital Transformation

We help business to create a clear long-term vision of digitalization process and to integrate new technologies to build up stable IT ecosystem.

Operating Model

We help to define organizational structure, Center of Excellence and development process for Digitalization projects, create a process for implementation, installation and maintenance of new features and integrate it into existing operating model.

We select applicable tools to support this process based on client’s preferences and business requirements, and then help our clients to make operating process stable.

Governance Model

RPA Governance is required to manage significant RPA-specific risks:

RPA does not create permanent, sustainable solutions, bots can significantly increase IT complexity. It is crutial to select only structured processes and implement effective change management so that the bots do not bring the core systems down

We create a robust RPA project governance framework that covers Bots request initiation, ROI estimation, project launch, replacement or decommissioning of robots fully aligned with current governance model and SW development practices of the client.

Intelligent Process Automation

We combine fundamental process redesign with Robotic Process Automation, machine learning and Advanced User Experience unification with modern UI and bot technologies. IPA learns over time, using deep learning and cognitive technologies, radically enhancing efficiency, increasing performance, reduction the number of manual errors and response times, creating completely new customer journey experience.