Internet of Things

We help to create a strategic vision and a roadmap, build the business case, operating model and deploy IoT cloud-based solutions for Logistics, E&U and other industries.

IOT Framework

Data Integration

We integrate data from sensors by different vendors and provide multiple industry standards compliance.

Featured examples:

We integrate Electric smart meters data with client contract information enabling demand response and critical peak pricing features to Ditrsibution Managemtn System of our client.

We integrate Shipment information with IOT data allowing to implement end-to-end Shipment Visibility Solution.

Improved Data Quality

We provide our clients with possibility to verify the data and automatically select the most reliable sources and vendors, combine multiple IOT sources for reliable situation monitoring

Featured examples:

We combine data from sensors, truck tracking systems, vehicle location services allowing to have an accurate information on shipment position and relevant status of delivery.

We combine IEC 104 with PMU data to enable cross-validating and fault localization with better speed and accuracy.


We apply AI/ML algorithms to IOT data to predict the future events, faults, alerts and take corrective actions.

Featured examples:

We use weather, social media, news, traffic and other 3rd party data to evaluate the risks associated with shipment delivery.

By merging weather historical data with weather forecast we predict the critical peaks in demand. We use information about social events like sport events, public festivals to predict significant demand increase.

Forecasting the Trends

We apply AI/ML algorithms to IOT historical data to forecast the time series of IOT Data.

Featured examples:

We use shipment route information and geographical zone passing characteristics for temperature, humidity, other sensor’s data forecasting.

We use power equipment status data to generate future trends of characteristics and equipment deterioration (like transformer winding temperature, power lines bending deflection, generator brushes tear level).


We apply AI/ML algorithms to IOT historical data to define unreliable sources, suppliers, vendors, the most loss-making routes.

Featured examples:

We use complex criteria to identify risky vehicles, carriers, trade lines and the most qualitative sensor models and vendors.

We define non-reliable measurement and power equipment suppliers, maintenance services suppliers.

Custom Sensors

We partner with key OEMS with our embedded SW practice to help you to create your own devices, specific to your business.

Featured examples:

We select required technical provision and provide software with power consumption data gathering and analysis functions to enable demand response mechanism.

Blockchain Integration

Our client’s solutions are able to store crucial events, required to be shared in a trustable manner into key blockchain platforms to implement complex use cases within distributed partners networks.

Featured examples:

We store shipment documents in the distributed ledgers to provide end-to-end visibility of shipment delivery, IOT events and shipment events - for trade finance, fact-based successful delivery insurance, shipment monitoring by clients, supplier validation of authenticity of the items in the container.

We store equipment parameters changes, log of service organization activities on equipment maintenance, sensors critical events to enable tracing back to the cause of occurred faults.

Perfect Art IOT Framework

A combination of best of breed open source and cloud services components that allows rapid sensors onboarding, high speed data collection from multiple IOT sources, integration with 3rd party data sources, visualization and data analysis

  • Scalability

    We process 1 500 000 records per second on a simple cloud based cluster of 3 nodes.

  • Multiple Deployment Modes

    Cloud/on-premise or hybrid deployment.

  • Integration with Sensors Vendors

    Platform supports open protocol for new vendors onboarding.

    Prebuilt adapters to key Logistics IOT vendors and Energy protocols.

  • All the Visualization Components are Reusable

    Track and tracing, client reporting, internal operations, executive monitoring — all the applications share the same components, that speeds up the development.