Many industries face similar problems in data acquisition, processing, and analysis, architecture degradation over time, and systems development. We work in multiple industries, bringing our cross-industry knowledge to clients in different verticals.


The globalization of capital markets has created a highly competitive environment that demands new business processes in Investment Banking. In order to withstand the increasing speed and volume of data flows, collaborate effectively in an open environment, powerful technology is required. Perfect Art supports accelerated business process automation that drives profitability. We have experience building trading systems for all kinds of asset classes including equity, fixed income securities, foreign exchange and commodities, as well as cross-asset trading systems — from trade capture and booking to validation and confirmation to clearing and settlement.

Life science and healthcare

Take advantage of the latest technologies, data science to accelerate Research and Development, discover clinical and patient data-based insight.


Demographic changes, urbanization, higher volumes and increased expectations — more and more new drivers are beginning to impact logistics companies, particularly how they define strategy and operate business in the ongoing quest of the logistics industry to maximise speed and efficiency.

The real-time adaptability of a Logistics industry would enable flexible collaboration, modular service orchestration, and maximum efficiency at the same time. Complex and extensive data sources are becoming a differentiating factor.

At Perfect Art we help Logistics clients with Advanced Analytics on large scales of telemetry and shipment data to help them plan resources better and ensure business continuity through predictive algorithms.


Existing transport volumes are already overloading today’s infrastructure, especially in major cities.

Population shifts are obvious, indicating a growing number of people living in cities and metropolitan regions, while increasing individualization is another factor that affects the Transportation industry.

At Perfect Art we are helping the European Capital Government to monitor and plan vehicle movement and parking, identifying bottlenecks and hotpoints to predict load.


Electric utilities are faced with many challenges imposed by today’s Smart Grid. High penetration of renewables, demand response options, aging assets and an aging workforce, coupled with increased operating and maintenance costs, security, increased integration with external systems and increased data processing requirements contribute to the needs of today’s advanced Energy Management System. Perfect Art helped major Smart Grid vendors to build an effective Energy Management solution by empowering them with a Data & Analytics platform, capable to store, process and analyze terabytes of telemetry, enriched with the weather, social and client data.