Digital Transformation 

Digital Transformation 

We help businesses to create a roadmap of the digitalization journey and integrate new technologies to build an IT ecosystem to support it.

Digitalization Strategy Design 

Help businesses create a roadmap for their digitalization journey, and define technologies to build an IT ecosystem that supports the transformation path. We drive the transformation process, pilot and evaluate technologies and methods to build future-proof solutions.

New Digital Solutions Implementation 

Define business requirements, design and implement the software solution from concept visualization, to detailed specifications, UX design, implementation, testing, deployment, rollout, and support. End-to-End web, mobile, or platform solution development services.

Cloud Adoption Strategy 

Building solutions with elastic computing capacity that enables your system to scale naturally with the industry’s best cloud platforms. Select and define Cloud platform components. Define a hybrid cloud solution development strategy with legacy systems support​.

New Operating Model 

We help to define an organizational structure, Center of Excellence, and development process for Digitalization projects, create a process for implementation, installation, and maintenance of new features, and integrate it into the existing operating model.

We select tools to support this process based on clients' preferences and business requirements and then help our clients make the operating process stable.

Intelligent Process Automation 

We combine fundamental process redesign with Robotic Process Automation, machine learning, and Advanced User Experience unification with modern UI and bot technologies. IPA learns over time, using deep learning and cognitive technologies, radically enhancing efficiency, increasing performance, reducing the number of manual errors and response times, and creating a completely new customer journey experience.​