Internet of Things 

Internet of Things 

We help to create a strategic vision and a roadmap, build the business case, operating model and deploy IoT cloud‑based solutions for Logistics, E&U and other industries.

Data Integration 

We integrate data from sensors by different vendors and provide multiple industry standards compliance.​

Improved Data Quality 

We provide our clients with possibility to verify the data and automatically select the most reliable sources and vendors, combine multiple IOT sources for reliable situation monitoring​.

Forecasting the Trends 

We apply AI/ML algorithms to IOT historical data to forecast the time series of IOT Data.


We apply AI/ML algorithms to IoT historical data to define unreliable sources, suppliers, vendors, and the most loss-making routes.

Blockchain Integration 

Our client’s solutions are able to store crucial events, required to be shared in a trustable manner into key blockchain platforms to implement complex use cases within distributed partners networks.