AI and Computational Linguistics 

AI and Computational Linguistics 

We help our clients to build the next-generation enterprise intelligence solutions: transforming the enterprise data into concise, actionable intelligence, offering seamless integration with data and access control systems.

Enterprise Knowledge Management Solutions 

Harness AI-driven KnowledgeCast Platform for tailored knowledge retrieval and organization across enterprise datasets, ensuring secure, multi-tenant access and seamless integration with enterprise systems. Its LLM model adapts to diverse needs, from tech support to research, legal and marketing, enhancing workflows and future-proofing against evolving requirements.

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Support coPilots  

Perfect Art designs and builds the tool for support teams that allows to assist the support engineers’ requests providing all relevant information in actionable, easy to understand form (summary, step-by-step instruction). This will lead to reduced efforts supporting the applications, speed up the training process and ensure knowledge sharing.

Conversational Agents 

We implement and rollout Omni-channel communication bots that allow to identify the client, understand it’s intent fulfill the requests through integration with underlying systems. Bots use LLM to extract the instructions, legal information and be able to generate easily understandable answers.

Know Your Customer Solutions 

Collect the media information about the client, analyse the article content, and identify named entities and relationships between them. Create the relationships graph to represent complex entity's structure and help to make informed Client onboarding decisions and continuously monitor the client profile.

Processing Real-life Evidence for Healthcare and Life Science 

Execute literature review to highlight the PTs, SMQs, adverse events, medication names, and their synonyms, conmeds, symptoms and help to identify complex events within the cases texts or articles for PHV and other processes.

Help to generate the Safety Update reports based on all collected evidence to speed up the reporting.

Fundamental Understanding of AI and Computational Linguistics 

Understanding of Data 

Extensive R&D to ensure the multimodal input, organizing the processing of different categories of information: user guides, legal documents, code, logs, requirements.

Correct Usage Patterns 

Applicability of different usage patterns for different use cases: RAG, Models training and their combinations.

Quality Benchmarking and Applicability 

Continuous monitoring of the solution outcomes, ensuring the quality of answers. Testing various methods of elimination of hallucinations.

Advanced Search Methods 

Semantic search, Ontologies, Embeddings tunning for multiple use cases, multilingual search within different usage patterns, documents splitting and knowledge chunks extraction.

Prompts Management and Optimization 

Modification of prompts for specific scenarios, prompts scoring, templating and snippets mechanisms organization.

Solution Performance Optimization and Cost Analysis 

Initial sizing, SaaS vs OnPrem calculations, optimal infrastructure configuration, dynamic scaling. Architecture patterns for best performance and scalability for various usage patterns. Monitoring of performance, alerting and forecasting.