Secure, customizable enterprise knowledge retrieval and organization solution. Integrating seamlessly with enterprise systems and access control it provides clear, actionable information for each use case.

KnowledgeCast Enterprise Knowledge Platform 

  • Retrieve information from various datasets with high specificity and organize them for easier understanding and access.
  • Secure framework with enforced access control to the document, and ability to “forget” documents in real-time, integrated with existing enterprise authorization and authentication infrastructure.
  • Support of multiple use cases with Multi-model support from support, code generation, testing, requirement generation /validation, task deduplication, client and internal research.
  • Customization and open-source platforms (such as LangChain) allow to add new capabilities and models when they appear.

Use-case Specific UI 

WEB UI module that allows to assist the support engineers, legal, sales and other teams requests providing all relevant information in actionable, easy to understand form: summary, step-by-step instructions and speeds up the work with advanced templating mechanism.

Specificity of the Response is Very High 

Specificity is better compared to existing solutions for real data:

  • Smart data splitting (NN-enhanced splitting)
  • Text preprocessing (text cleanup, encoding normalization, low meaningful words removal, stemming)
  • Using complex, composite search algorithms with finetuning optimization of available results

Future-proof Architecture 

Supports further development for multi-modal input, search and generation improvement, such as data sources cross-links, embeddings customization, LLM tuning.