We help our clients to understand whether and how they can gain from blockchain technology, develop blockchain-based solutions and implement it into their environment.

Smart Contracts Creation 

Smart contracts are an essential part of the blockchain-based solution. They determine the logic of performing calculations, writing and reading information and launching actions to enable users to transact among themselves without human intrusion. We examine our clients’ business cases while creating smart contracts to ensure reliable and secure business processes execution.

Multiledger Solution Design 

Determining what type of blockchain and which blockchain technology to choose is an important step of every blockchain-enabled solution. We help our client to find the best solution based on their needs and requirements.

As blockchain ecosystem is rapidly growing, it becomes crucial for global products to create a multiledger solution that will allow cross-chain communication.

We help our clients to design the architecture of solution, creating the mechanisms and protocols to enable tokens trespassing.

ICO support 

ICO startups can rely on Perfect Art expertise on their way to effective ICO:

  • Project risk estimation to prove public and investors acceptance
  • Prototype creation to visualize the idea and get fast feedback from potential users
  • Smart contract creation to enable business logic
  • ICO website development to provide users with an excellent user experience